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Carter Group Heritage Week | 2002 - 2005
Client: Christchurch City Council

Heritage Week is a community wide celebration of the architectural, social and environmental heritage of the city of Christchurch. The week-long celebration is made up of a number of events run by both professional and amateur groups who all share one thing in common - a passion for the history and heritage of Christchurch. The main focus of the event is to promote the heritage of Christchurch not only to its residents but also to people visiting the city. It is all about promoting Christchurch’s rich and diverse heritage through fun, exciting and educational activities for people of all ages.

From 2002 to 2005 TDM Events coordinated, promoted and managed the programme of events for the week long celebration. This included communicating with each of the 100 event coordinators, securing sponsorship, managing budgets and negotiating with suppliers and contractors as well as the management of key events during the week.